Learning and Development

At Abunayyan Holding, we recognize the importance of learning at an individual level and at the organizational level.  At an Individual level it is essential for us to develop ourselves to ensure that our skills are relevant, and we remain competent in our respective professions hence we encourage and support self-development. At the organizational level we appreciate that our collective skills are key to our success and are linked to our values. As an employer we believe in supporting the learning of our employees and we are committed to providing learning and development opportunities at all grades across the organization.  We also believe in learning from ourselves and within ourselves therefore, we develop our learning programs to be both theoretical and practical to provide opportunity for practice, reflection and knowledge sharing.

At Abunayyan, learning is contagious and through opportunities that we provide for the youth in our local communities, curious, courageous and motivated learners are encouraged to grow and nurture their talents. Contact us for opportunities in COOP training and Internships and Research