Our Application Process: Recruitment Process

At Abunayyan Holding, we know how intimidating the application and hiring process can become which is why we try and simplify the journey as much as possible for all potential candidates. For us, every position filled is not just a good match between your skill set and our job requirements but rather it is a match between your individuality and our values as well. We view the candidate’s journey through the lens of a potential customer. We provide a transparent, efficient and organized interview process, communicating with applicants every step on the way (yes, even if they don’t get the job!)

What Happens Once You Share Your CV With Us?

As soon as a vacant position is identified and posted on of our many channels of recruitment, we begin screening the CVs and applications we receive. Shortlisted candidates are then contacted for the first round of interviews that are behavioural in nature.

Other than the technical skills, experience and educational qualifications the job requires, at this stage we also look at whether your core values are compatible with the work culture at Abunayyan Holding. We firmly believe in the merit of our company values of Reliability, Innovation, Customer Centricity and Honesty and therefore are on the lookout for candidates that also have these same traits.

After an extensive interview and psychometric assessment, candidates move on to the technical interview which is often the last step before a decision is made. At this point, our recruitment team will analyze the results of the assessment and interview to choose the most suitable person for the role.

Once chosen, references are verified and an employment offer is issued.